Helping LGBTQIA Students

Education Queensland Policy regarding Diverse students

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Queensland is well behind other states in terms of having adequate policies to support and protect LGBTQIA students.  In general, teachers are not provided with  training in LGBTQIA issues and the bullying policies do not specifically address homophobic or transphobic bullying.

The Queensland and Australian anti- discrimination laws do provide protection for LGBTQIA people, but “on the ground” in schools, there is a lot of work to be done to improve the experience of these students

The Safe Schools Coalition program has just become available now to Queensland Schools, if the individual school wants to be involved.

Please consider joining the organizations below if you want to see positive change for LGBTQIA Students.

Queensland Action Group for LGBTIQ+ Students


Please contact Janet Berry


Safe Schools Coalition Australia

This organization is doing a wonderful job helping schools all over Australia safer for students, particularly LGBTQIA students. Please see the resource page below for some wonderful material  – Resources page