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PFLAG Toowoomba

The Rainbow Table Toowoomba

Toowoomba Gay and Lesbian Group

GLBTIQ Coffee Group

Lesbian Social Hub – Toowoomba

Toowoomba Supports LGBTQIA Rights

Toowoomba for Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality for Groom

Headspace Toowoomba


Social Services:

Toowoomba Youth Service

This is the group to contact for support for youth and their parents when things are getting tough at home.  They run a number of support programs and they have an Emergency accommodation house called “Gateway House”.

201 Hume St, Toowoomba
Ph 07 4639 1333

Email: manager@tys.org.au

Gateway House
26 Stephens St, Toowoomba.

Contact Anna on 07 4639 2740 or yw@tys.org.au

LGBTQI Defender for TYS – Jo on 07 4639 2740

University of Southern Queensland Ally Program

If you attend USQ, you can go to Support Services. They have a strong Ally program.


Legal Services:

Police LGBT Liaison Officer:


Contact Senior Constable Sophia Gonzalez
Ph. 07 4631 6333

161 Hume St, Toowoomba

The Advocacy and Support Centre:

provides a range of free services to the vulnerable and marginalised members of the community. This is not specifically a LGBTQIA service,  but may be able to provide help if you are in difficult circumstances. (See also LGBTI Legal Service).

223 Hume Street / PO Box 594

Ph: 07 4616 9700
Fax: 07 4616 9777
Toll Free: 1300 008 272 (00TASC)

Email: reception@tascinc.org.au


Health and Counselling:

Psychologists and GP and Psychiatric Services:

Toowoomba has the Acute and Community Mental Health Service (see below) and a large selection of private Psychologists and GPs.  There are private Psychiatrists. There is one private adolescent psychiatrist working out of 7 Springs medical centre.

If you are in need of help, your general practitioner is a good first port of call. As well as providing medical help and support, your GP can write up a mental health plan which allows medicare funding for counseling from a psychologist or your GP can can refer you to a psychiatrist or other health specialist as needed.

We suggest that if you are booking an appointment with a new clinician, that you ask if the clinician is comfortable with treating LGBTQIA people.

PFLAG Toowoomba can offer advice if you are struggling to find a health provider that meets your needs.

Toowoomba Sexual Health Service

Toowoomba Hospital,
Kobi House, Pechey Street
Ph 07 4616 6446

Toowoomba Acute and Community Mental Health Service

Toowoomba Hospital
Pechey St, Toowoomba
Ph 07 4616 5215

Triage Service (24 hours, 7 days a week for acute mental health problems)
Ph 07 4616 5210

Toowoomba Community Child and Youth Mental Health Service

Unara – Toowoomba Hospital
Pechey St, Toowoomba
Ph 07 4616 6843

TRUE Relationships and Reproductive Health

4 Duggan St,, Toowoomba
Ph. 07 4632 8166

Relationships Australia Queensland, Toowoomba

3rd Floor 158 Margaret St, Toowoomba

Ph. 07 4639 3605
Ph. 1300 364 277

Headspace Toowoomba

Youth General and Mental Health 12-25 years of age

1 Snell Street, Toowoomba
Ph. 07 4639 9000

LGBTQIA support group for youth 12 to 17 years run by Headspace.

Contact Alaina MacDonald Ph. (07) 4639 9000

(Facebook page)

Headspace Warwick

66 Albion St, Warwick
Ph. 07 4661 1999

(Facebook page)

Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland, Toowoomba Branch

2/5 Mill Street, Toowoomba Qld 4350
Ph. 07 4632 0788

E:  toowoomba@mifq.org.au

Depression Support Network

This network has a resource centre, provides support and runs workshops and self-development programs for people affected by depression.

9B Bell Street, Toowoomba
Ph. 07 4659 9021

(Facebook page)


Social Events

Headspace Toowoomba

LGBTIQA youth group for 12 to 18 years

Contact: Alaina McDonald, Community Officer,
Ph. 07  4639 9000

E. amacdonald@unitedsynergies.com.au

Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland, Toowoomba

MIFQ, Toowoomba

LGBTQIA Fellowship Group 16 and over
Ph 07 4632 0788

Darling Divas

The Darling Divas run drag queen entertainment nights

Ph.0417 759 134

Toowoomba Rainbow Table

A fortnightly meal and chat for LGBTQIA people at a local cafe